What “Skinny Legend” Really Means

I’m not sure where you’ve read this, but as far as I know, this term is being used by all the meme “iconic” accounts on Twitter. I’ve used it a couple times, been called a show off for being a college student using big words, but it’s not a permanent word in my vocabulary. It’s a permanent word in my internet vocabulary.  Continue reading What “Skinny Legend” Really Means

What To Do When You’re In A Bad Mood

Kill someone. Just kidding! This post is an effort in avoiding that! I mean if this were an alternate universe where you could purge, go for Donald Trump. Could you imagine though??? Your mood would ultimately boost after you’re named an American hero with your face on the hundred dollar bill, a star on Hollywood and Vine, and your face on the cover of a magazine of your choice. I’d choose to be on the cover Vogue with Kathy Griffin with the headline reading: Hero’s ahead of their time. Continue reading What To Do When You’re In A Bad Mood

Things to Think About When You Have Time to Think

  • What should I have for dinner that will switch things up? Frozen food? Isn’t frozen food unhealthy? Is there such thing as frozen food that is healthy for you?
  • What is Barack Obama doing right at the current moment? Is he shitting? Do you think Obama thinks about Trump when he’s shitting? I mean it makes sense that the very act of shitting makes Obama think of Trump.
  • What bubblegum flavor doesn’t exist yet? Coffee? Yes, one of the many purposes of gum is to allow for your breath to smell not like shit (Donald Trump) but what if I want to chew the flavor of coffee but not consume it? Will that still have caffeine in it? Will it still stain my teeth?
  • If there was a 10.5 earthquake going on right now, would I be screaming out the building like as if I were in a haunted house? Or would I stay completely still?
  • What if I drank my pee? Would I still pee the same pee or will I pee clear since drinking your own piss considered healthy?
  • Why are hot dogs so unhealthy? Is it the government is trying to control poor people? If hot dogs were really that unhealthy wouldn’t there be a vegan option? Or are those called veggie rolls? Why is it even called hot dog? What would be a better title for a hot dog?
  • Do you think Beyonce ever thinks about Lady Gaga since the Telephone music video? Would Beyonce ever want another collab with Gaga? Another song called Text Message? Or FaceTime? Or for a 2000 throwback: you got kik?

RuPaul’s​ Drag Race All Stars S3 E3

Now this episode was great. Where to start. (I’m sure I’m gonna say this with every episode) SPOILERS AHEAD
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Finally, ​My Apartment is Imperfect

I’ve finally lost it. Finally, because there was no way I would love my apartment without any complaints. It was too good to be true. But guess what! It happened! I probably shouldn’t be too happy with the fact that I hate my roommates at this point, but I’m glad I’ve finally found a crack in the foundation of what I imagined my perfect apartment.

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My First Impression of Bachelor In Paradise S4 E1

Mind you, I’ve NEVER seen one episode of any of The Bachelor or the other spinoff shows. This is my first time seeing a show like this. Yes! Interesting right? Daniel Giraffe now has an interesting view into this show! I’ve heard of this show lots of times. I’m a Giraffe. I explore and live out in the wild, I don’t live under a rock. It’s just that I’ve never thought to watch an episode of the show, and when I have an interest, the season is almost over. The thought of watching hours and hours of television just to get caught up to the trend, exhaustes me. But I knew in my 5 feet gut, this was the season to start watching the show.

Most of my thoughts through out the show was which parts we’re obviously scripted. The part about the guy talking about the dogs in the beginning? Yeah that was obviously scripted. The part about Corrine learning Spanish? Obviously scripted. But that was well scripted. That was funny. So I’m just gonna say some random names and I’m going to say what I thought about each cast member.

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“What kind of music do you listen to?”

You know that annoying question that everyone asks when they try to get to know you? I get this question asked constantly because ya know, everyone wants to get to know me. But this type of question is very personal to me. Like if you want to know something this personal about me, you may as well ask for my nudes. This type of question makes me respond in many different ways depending on the person, sex, or age.  Continue reading “What kind of music do you listen to?”

New blog

New blog. Fresh new start. Just what I’ve always wanted as a way to move away from my embarrassing past. Visit my old blog and you’ll see what I’m talking about. 

Daniel In Wonderland was a great experience but if I want to do my own shit, move away from the past and blog on the things that really matter and interest me. Like book reviews, kanye west, and lady gaga.

The same writer from Daniel In Wonderland is here. The only thing that has changed is my grammar and spelling has improved! (oh god how embarrassing). So stay tuned for a better improved version of my blog!